Thomas Llewellyn,

Michigan Chairman

For several years, Tom Llewellyn has been totally focused getting the state-driven Article V call for a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) resolutions passed in states all across the country. Tom was at the lead here in Michigan when Senator Mike Green and Rep. Ray Franz got the BBA Resolution passed in April, 2014.

The BBA calls for an Article V Convention to propose a long overdue Federal Balanced Budget Amendment. In 2015 and 2016, Tom travelled extensively and working with several different state legislatures to educate them on this critical issue: Arizona, South Carolina, North and South Dakota, West Virginia, Maryland, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Minnesota and many others. Only seven more states need to pass BBA resolutions, and Tom is working across America to help get legislators and grassroots activists rallied to support the Balanced Budget Amendment.

As Michigan Chairman of the BBA Task Force and State Director for I Am American, a grassroots coalition, Tom has been a vocal advocate for a return to our nation’s founding principles, buy continuously fighting against America’s disturbing trend away from a smaller, less intrusive central government. Back when Bill Ayrs was on the FBI most wanted list, Tom was Michigan State Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom.

Now, with the recent advancements of the conservative cause, built on the enthusiasm and hard work of local groups like the Tea Party Patriots and others, Tom continues to be very active in conservative issues. One of his next Michigan-based projects is to promote school choice for every student, a project Tom calls his Edu-Card System, and nationally is looking at several potential subjects for future Article V Amendment Conventions, such as Term Limits and Re-Affirming State Sovereignty. As a member of the Republican Oakland County Executive Committee, Tom has helped elect conservative candidates, and is looking forward to advancing several state-wide issues.

A graduate from Northwood University in Business Administration, Tom was a successful in computer sales for many years. In addition to being a prolific writer, Tom has testified before several state committees and spoken to many groups on the need for an Article V Amendment Convention for the Balanced Budget Amendment. Tom lives in Milford, MI with his wife, Deborah, and both are very active in politics and their church.