Balanced Budget Amendment


The US deficit is growing out of control. That’s where you come in.

Here’s the Big Picture

The Problem:

The Congressional Budget Office predicts that under current law, annual deficits will average $1.2 trillion a year over the next ten years. That forecast does not account for the potential that Congress will again exceed spending caps and make the individual income tax cuts permanent. In that case, the U.S. national debt could surpass $36 trillion by 2028. Interest on that debt could exceed $2 trillion a year.

What We Can Do About It:


The Founders’ Article V “safety valve” can be used to draft a U.S. Balanced Budget Amendment through a Convention for Proposing Amendments and ratify via State Conventions as early as November 2020.


Congress MUST count current Article V BBA Applications, and designate Philadelphia and July 4, 2019 as the place and date for the convention.
Congress MUST adopt the principle that if an amendment is proposed by a convention of the states, it will be ratified by a vote of the people through the state convention process
Congress MUST declare that no amendment outside the scope of balancing the federal budget will be forwarded to the states for ratification

All Sides Agree: A Balanced Budget Amendment is

A Bi-Partisan Issue