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America’s Voice Interview with Co-founder David Biddulph: How Close are we to Calling a Convention to Propose a Fiscal Responsibility Amendment?

U.S. National Debt

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Do you want your elected representative to give you the right to vote for a U.S. Balanced Budget Amendment?

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The Debt is Rising Unchecked

Who should solve the problem?

The American People

deserve better than this.

Now is the Time

to let the American people’s voice be heard.

Our Growing National Debt:

Calculating debt…

Try your hand at balancing the budget and save us from a coming debt crisis.

Candidates for President and U.S. Congress Pledge to SUPPORT both:

A U.S. Balanced Budget Amendment that at a minimum:

  1. Prohibits total annual federal spending from increasing faster than inflation up to 2% plus population growth with exceptions for social security and national emergencies.
  2. Stipulates the state convention mode of ratification (a vote of the people)
The Let Us Vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment Resolution that:

  1. Sets the time and place (“call”) for an Article V Convention of States to propose a U.S. Balanced Budget Amendment,
  2. Voids any convention-proposed amendment unrelated to balancing the federal budget and
  3. Stipulates the state convention mode of ratification (a vote of the people).

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